Doomguard Factotum

The Doomguard

Ever heard about Entropy, berk? Entropy leads everything in the Multiverse to its ultimate doom. And Entropy always wins. It can be delayed, but never defeated.

These last days I realized that I have never written anything here about the Doomguard, the Faction to which I pledged my unconditional support. But I am sure you might be wondering about what is a Faction.

The meaning of Faction that I am referring to here is a group of individuals who share a common set of beliefs. It has some resemblance to a religion, but these groups usually do not devote themselves to higher entities or gods. Their beliefs are related to concepts and views about what Reality Itself really is, Its real meaning, and what is really true or false about It. Reality in this case encompasses everything: every god, demon, angel, mythological creature in every pantheon that ever existed; every kind of Heavens, Hells, or Planes of Existence ever imagined; the Space-Time Continuum, all the matter and anti-matter (visible or invisible), all strings and/or superstrings, branes and p-branes, quantum singularities, and whatever else exists scattered inside its seemingly infinity boundaries; the Dreamland or Dreamscape; the whole set of local Paradigm-Consciousness Matrixes, and whatever else you can think.

Each Faction base its beliefs in one greater concept, and their actions usually reflects this concept. People are different, so they usually view these concepts in many different ways, and are usually free to share their views with others within the Faction or outside. These distinct sets of philosophical judgments about a single concept create a broader understanding and the correspondent set of small beliefs that defines each Faction, differentiating them among themselves, and even creating small groups inside each of the Factions that share a common philosophical view about the greater concept. As an example of greater concepts usually followed, we have: chaos, order, justice, strength, entropy, harmony, anarchy, and many others.

I have already written about one of these Faction: The Xaositects (or Chaosmen, believers of Chaos). I feel a great sympathy towards the Xaositects, and their chaotic views about Reality. But I pledge my actual and current support to the Doomguard (the followers of Entropy). So, now you can infer the motives for my sympathy for the Xaositects (or Architects of Xaos).

The main belief of the Doomguard is that Entropy leads everything in the Multiverse to its ultimate demise. Decay, Death and Destruction (the 3 D's of Entropy). There is no real means of escape. Entropy can be delayed but never defeated. Nothing is forever, berk! But Entropy is not so simplistic. Entropy also leads to changes, and evolution. Even information is associated with Entropy. Everything has a beginning, evolves, reach its golden age, and then starts to decay, until ruined or dead, and then destroyed and washed way by the waters of oblivion! And when I say everything is everything: objects, lives, cities, civilizations, planets, stars, gods, feelings, and even ideas and dreams, and in the end Reality!

Creation plays a so important part as Destruction. When you create, you also gain a better understanding about the process of destruction, and then a greater understanding about Entropy. The most important thing is to realize that no matter what, nothing is forever. Nor even your ideals, or beliefs would last forever. You will learn, and will change. All these processes are natural steps that will lead EVERYTHING towards Oblivion! So, no need to attach yourself too much to anything.

During all your life you will create, destroy, change, evolve, remember, forget, grow, whither, decay and die. Does it seem too hopeless for you? Well, maybe it is hopeless for you, but not for me. Entropy just give my life a direction, the path, that is what makes life worth, is mine, and only mine to choose!

The Doomguard itself is divided in three groups:
  • the Destroyers: a group that thinks that Entropy is acting too slow, and their objective is to accelerate its natural progress, causing destruction, revolts, and bringing chaos to Reality;
  • the Sinkers: think that Entropy is progressing at a good pace, and often just like to observe the processes of creation and decay. They will usually help either Destroyers or regulators to keep the current pace of progress of Entropy;
  • the Regulators: they believe Entropy is coming too fast, so they are the ones that try to delay the progress of Entropy. It does not mean they are against it, by the contrary, they still like to watch everything decay, but they prefer to see it tiny bits at a time.
I am a Sinker. The current pace of Entropy is just perfect in my point of view. Sometimes, though, I love to see, and to bring some Chaos to the world around me. And at the same time, I am always thinking about ways to delay my Entropy gain, and maybe live for some hundreds of years or more! A Sinker by heart! ;)

P.S.: These Faction ideas were taken from a RPG Setting called Planescape, but they are very interesting, and I really like to read about all the philosophical views of each of the Factions there. All of them make some sense, and are much more interesting, in my opinion, than following most of the worlds religions. Just choose a concept and live by it. The Doomguard and the Xaositects are two of the original Factions of Planescape. I just adapted some of the ideas, and developed others a little more.