Who am I?

My name is not GH of Xaos, but that is the name I have choosen to use in this place. I am not the one in the left picture, either. But as I am not as photogenic as that guy, I decided to use his picture anyway. About my looks, I can only tell you that I am green, really!

I am from a city called Belo Horizonte in Brazil, and I love my city. I have already lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States for 10 months, some years ago. There are many evil squirrels and The Cube in Ann Arbor.  Now I am back in Belo Horizonte, but I am not sure for how long I will still be here.

I am an Astrophysicist, and I follow two religions: Entropy and Rock'n'Roll. Sometimes I like Chaos, too. I probably do not believe in what you do, and I am not here to make you believe in what I do, either. But I know one thing: Science works!

I am a wanderer who is in a quest for questions and answers. And this path leads only to Insanity. If you disagree, it is because you have never really questioned the meaning of Reality.

I am an apprentice and a prisoner of Life. And I dream... Always wandering and wondering...

I am not totally unknown, but you will only notice me if I want it. I am Green, a Loner, and a Shadow. Ah, and I like to swim and to bike ride! :)

You can find my on Facebook, but I'm not telling you where... :P

Obs.: The blog is mostly in English, but I write things in Portuguese, too.