Thursday, August 14, 2008

THE "Mihalas"

Yes!! Now I have an original copy of the "Stellar Atmospheres" book, by Dimitri Mihalas. The book is like The Bible for everyone who works with Radiative Transfer in Astrophysics. Since I first got my hand in this book, 2 or 3 years ago, this is the number ONE book in my wish list, but, unfortunately for me, the book is out of print since a time immemorial, and no one who I knew have this book would sell it. I could find used versions of the book, but always for more than $200.

Last month, I was browsing through Amazon looking for books to buy, and then I decided to look for it again. Then I saw it, a copy of the book being sold there by less than a hundred dollars. The description was saying the book was in good conditions. Then I thought with myself, or I buy it now, or I will never find such a bargain again in my life. I thought for 2 seconds, before adding it to my shopping cart. And then the waiting started...

Today THE book was delivered at my place, here in Brasil, after a little more than 2 weeks. I was just expecting it by the end of August or maybe even mid-september, but it took only 2 weeks! I was also expecting a somewhat used book, maybe a worn used book, but when I look at it, I was stunned... The book was in an almost perfect condition, and seemed to have barely been used at all. Just some small scratches at the edges of the hardcover, and it is a 30-YEARS OLD book. I am gleeful with my new aquisition!!

NOW I HAVE THE LEGENDARY "MIHALAS"! And I can even dream with my PhD, without remorse of not having "THE Mihalas". I swear that I will put the book to good use, and I will not use its power to strengthen the Evil in this world. It will only be used to bring more Entropy to this dimension! =D

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