Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Sometimes The Dreaming is much more cruel than the real life...

I have a feeling that a war is about to start... But that was just a mad dream... and cruel, not because of the war...

I think COPOM sucks! And they really do not understand nothing about economy, or they do not really care for the real economic growth of Brasil.

The second season of my game started yesterday... Time to put fear again in the heart of my players!

Eu sou a favor da regulamentacão (o cedilha não está funcionando no meu teclado) da profissão de Físico.

P.S.: The last thought was written in portuguese mainly because I don't know how to say "regulamentacão" in english. It is also just a matter of internal politics, that I don't think concern anyone but the Brazilian physicist population.

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