Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Glass Desert

Sometimes I feel like I need to pass some time as a nomad in the desert. Total silence, darkness, the cold wind blowing, a starlit sky, during the night! I prefer not to think about the daylight time, without a stillsuit and no melange.

I wonder if someday we will have a glass desert! It is somewhat distressful to think about the conditions that lead the sand in the desert to become glass, but that would be a sight to behold! Well, if there was any human left in the world to behold such a sight... Maybe cockroaches, scorpions, and flying jellyfishes...

Ok! I'm out of ideas... Synchronicity is almost over, and I want to sleep... Maybe tomorrow we will have a glass desert somewhere. While we don't have one, I will think about a sandy, or icy, or salty desert. Or just the silence, the darkness, coldness and stillness of the Void. (Without spice.)

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