Monday, September 21, 2009

Thermically Warm

This weekend was HOT, in the thermodynamical sense of the word. I'm almost melting right now, and its passed midnight!

I was thinking about the state o continuous confusion and chaos inside my mind today, and I realized something... It is time to bring some harmony to my mind, and to do that there is only one way... I have to transpose the confusion and chaos inside my mind to the "real" world. I need some peace of mind, and the world needs more chaos. That is not a menacing thing, though... Chaos has many faces, and some of them are not really that bad!

If someone observe some very unpredictable facts happening somewhere, I might be around... or maybe it is just the consequences of some of my yet to take actions. With some luck, my actions might just trigger the next Ice Age to start this year!

Today one sleeps, tomorrow another awakes!

This post was finished while hearing: The Perennial Sophia - Therion


HJW said...

Hi there - I have started researching Quantum Physics recently and am amazed at what I have discovered so far. (So a am a newbie to the world of physics.)

Are you saying that if you're feeling fatigued or overwhelmed that feeling is really a contrast between you and the level of energy/chaos external to you? I guess meaning at that time you would be a 'regulator'

Therefore an adrenaline rush would be the opposite?

So where as the above sounds chaotic and out of our control it's actually the opposite, we are very much in control of our equilibrium or imbalance of energy.
Am I on the right track?

I initially found your site as I was considering global warming could have a lot to do with entropy and googled that.. It was really interesting to read your theories.

Any info or advice would be fantastic. I still have a lot of fundamentals of physics to learn but its great to see other peoples thought process.


Feérica "Psychedella" Fuzilêra said...

Comfortably Numb.

Feérica "Psychedella" Fuzilêra said...

"Therefore an adrenaline rush would be the opposite?"

Muito bem!