Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To The Faerie of Chaos...

Beauty... Unique
Danger... Hidden beyond the unfathomable Gaze
Bewitching and alluring
The Chaos is everywhere

Lost in an endless Stillness, I
A Maelstrom of Endless Chaos, She
Many ideas, but Fear
Drowned in her Eyes...

Madness came...
Dreams and nightmares
Endless nights
Then Awaken again
Xaos, Ataxia, Randomness

fear still exists
But not the same
Chaos! Always and Everywhere...
Entropy and Chaos...
Part of me, Part of her

Visions, Ideas, Thoughts
Ever-moving, ever-changing
Infinity and Nihility
Void and Oblivion

Language matters not
There are NO Meanings
The Endless Void of Anti-Meanings

A Mistress of Words...
A Rose of Entropy...
The Faerie of Chaos...
Always, Forever

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