Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day of the Smarm

Yesterday I decided to create "The Day of the Smarm". So I wish a very "Happy Day of the Smarm" to each one of my readers.

Who is Smarm? One day I will clarify everything for you. What matters now is that The Day of the Smarm is commemorated at each 367 days, as there is a slightly temporal variation in the Smarm dimension. And there might be some random variations in the 367 days period, and maybe next time will be at each 37 days... Who knows!? But be right that the next one will be only in February 10th of 2009.

What should you do in this special day? Well... Do whatever you want, eat whatever you want, destroy whatever crosses your path, it does not matter! Smarm does not care at all... Just praise the concepts of Chaos and Entropy, and you will be fine.

By the way, what I did today was to beat Rock Band with the guitar in the medium setting! Next step hard setting... And play with the guitar instead of the controller is way MUCH better, and cooler!!!

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