Friday, February 8, 2008

First Year

It all started with this meaningless post. I was very confused when I decided to write this blog, confused about things happening in my life, as always. I had a few blogs in my bookmarks already, but then one day I was surfing aimlessly through the web, and then I found a blog. There was nothing special about that blog, but for some reason after reading that I decided that it would be a good idea to create a blog. This blog is not even in my blogroll anymore. So I went to blogger and decided to try this thing. I chose a template, one of the many templates that you can choose, and then I wrote for the first time. At the same day, later, I created my second post. And after that all Hell broke lose, and I never stopped.

In one year this place was visited almost 1976 times. I have written 202 posts. I changed the template 5 times, and I even created my own template. I never thought I could write so much about senseless stuff. And I turned to be a very good therapy sometimes. I have nothing to do, then I come here and write about something. Also, if I had no time at all, I had the time to come here and write about something else. I really think that this blog drains a small amount of my time everyday, looking at the statistics, looking at what people were looking for when they found my blog, or just keeping track of the visitors and where are my visitors coming from... Actually, I guess I am addicted to look at statistics. Or I waste my time looking at the blog statistics, or then I just stare at the screen thinking about stuff to write here. But anyway, I love this hobby and I love my blog! =D

You can count that this blog will still be here for a while. And I still have a lot of crazy and shocking ideas to share with people. Well... With my few readers at least! I also must keep Xaos growing, whether in the blog or in my city! Maybe in a hundred years this blog will be famous, and I will still be here praising Xaos and Entropy!

I was thinking in a totally different post, but I have been too tired these past few days, and I have not even played Rock Band as much as I would like, actually I just played it twice. All I have in my mind these days is how to make that cursed Fortran code work with my model. Damn code... I am tired, and I am going to sleep now... As a stone, I hope...

I just found out that I could filter my own visits in the blog in the beginning of July, so before that my own visits are included in the graphs. That is the reason I had so many visits during the first 5 or 6 months.

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MegMarques said...

Parabéns pelo aniversário do Blog!
Que venham muitos anos de Caos e Entropia!