Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diablo III

It is saturday, 9:20AM, and I am already awake. For a week I have been following some unknown evolution at Blizzard Website. I knew today we would have a bombastic announcement about some unknown game already in development.

I went to their website, and for my surprise, I finally found out what game was the secret all about.

...and there you will find even the first cinematic teaser trailer, and what a tease is that! Also a gameplay trailer, and some scattered information about the game. I can not hold my excitation! But I will need to wait, until 2010, maybe sooner, maybe later, to play this game... But this bombastic information already made my day!!

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Catão said...

Não só acompanhei este lançamento também como descobri algo bacana: Próximo domingo, no Anima Mundi, serão exibidos os curtas de computação gráfica da Blizzard. Super bacana ir ao cinema para ver Starcraft e cia!!! Então, quem estiver no Rio dia 13, taí a recomendação.