Thursday, May 10, 2007

15 Days Left...

My mind is so full of things. Lots of internal conflicts, lots of things to do, lots of new things to come, and lots of problems to solve. My docs from the University of Michigan still did not arrive. I have re-scheduled my visit to the American Consulate for the second time, and also my trip to São Paulo. I had to pay a re-schedule tax to change my airplane ticket, and also my visa appointment. This DS-2019 is giving me some headaches, and is draining my money away due to all this re-scheduling thing... And I still have to fill other two forms, and pay some other taxes just to get my US Visa. I guess that in the next few weeks, all my life will be only bureaucracy. (SO BORING!!)

I have made my initial reservation in Ann Arbor's Lamp Post Inn, and I have a place to stay for the first week, and I expect to find a more permanent place in that week, and the move out from the inn. I still do not know how to go from Detroit Metro Airport to Ann Arbor, but I found out that a taxi would cost me $47. I will look for a cheaper option when I get there, I know there buses and I think there is a nearby train station too.

I am sending e-mails to people wanting to share apartments and houses in Ann Arbor, but almost no one answers me. Damn, I never thought it would be so difficult to receive a reply. I hope to have better luck when I am there, but I am not going to stop looking yet.

And then there were some weird facts in The Dreaming last night, that have made my sleep unrestful, and have left me intrigued all day long. I do not know if "unrestful" is an existing word, but I guess you get the meaning. What did happen in the dreaming? Well... Just some strange facts, that would not make any sense to anyone but me, so do not worry too much about that. Dreams are just weird, aren't they? And some of them are just weirder than others... But every night I go to sleep thinking about having weird dreams, they are what make my sleep worth of my sleeping time... :P

Time is flowing, and the time of my adventure is getting nearer. I just think that it have already started, with all this problems to solve... Well... Life is just a big adventure after all... Always changing and churning, so chaotic and fascinating... Always the unknown and sometimes the unexpected ahead of you!!

I am not afraid! And I will not fade away... You can be sure of that! ]-]

15 days to go, and counting down...

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