Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Ann Arbor Adventure - Update I

It is been sometime since I have written here. I was not so occupied, but I have other things to do or to think about. This trip to the US is taking all my mental processing time these days.

Monday I started to organize my musics, so I could take them with me. I have spent a good part of monday, and yesterday all day long doing that, and I still could not organize every music I have. I guess I am gonna spend the next few days doing that. I still have more than half o my CDs, and some musics in my computer yet to organize. I just hope that they could fit inside my 20GB MP3 player.

The documents the University of Michigan should send me, have been sent already, but I still do not know when they will arrive, and I need these documents until monday. Monday I am going to São Paulo, and tuesday morning I am going to the consulate to obtain the US Visa. I still have to fill all the required forms. I will do that these days.

I guess I find a good and cheap place to stay in my first days at Ann Arbor, but I am still deciding about it. It is a place called Lamp Post Inn, and is around a mile from the University Central Campus. Yes, I have to get used to this english metric system. Measuring averything in inches, feet, miles, pounds, ounces, and whetever more... Damn it! Or I can speak everything using the metric system, and then everyone there will get confused. :P

Next mission objectives is to discover how to go from the Detroit Airport to Ann Arbor.

Primary mission objectives: Obtain the US Visa - Status: Standing by...

Secondary mission objectives: Look for a place to stay in the first days - Status: Processing almost done, last calculations in progress...

Tertiary mission objectives: How to go from Detroit Metro Airport to Ann Arbor - Status: To begin.

22 days to go and counting down...

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