Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ann Arbor Adventure Update - The Visa

So I got my US Visa, but my passport still did not arrive. I hope it arrives until next monday or tuesday. My trip is scheduled for thursday morning, and I NEED my passport until that time. I will just let time flow... Flow... Almost everything is ready for the trip, I already have my Visa, my airplane ticket, a place to stay in the first week, and I even have made some contacts in Ann Arbor. I am still looking for a more permanent settlement, but I guess that will only be solved when I get there... How will I go from the airport to Ann Arbor? Well... I guess I will let that question to be solved after I arrived at Detroit Metro Airport... What will be the fun to have everything solved before the time comes!? After all an adventure is full of chaos and unpredictable things... The only thing I want to be predictable is that my passport arrives on time... :P

My thesis title is (in english) "A Computational Model for Magneto-Accretion and Diskwind in Classical T Tauri Stars". The interview guy in the consulate, when read that title in one of the docs I have presented him, just laughed and after that told me that he will give me my VISA. He barely asked me any question, I just have to answer him one or two small questions, I showed him the docs, and he really like my thesis title. So if you want an US Visa, take a document with your PhD or Master thesis' title and you will surely get the Visa! Ah, of course, there are some prohibited keywords that shall never be mentioned in the title directly, like: radiation, nuclear, bio-hazzard, explosives, infections, and so on... So if you have any of those words in the title, just chance them for a more shady expression meaning the same thing. For example, you can change "nuclear explosion" for the expression "atomic core disruptive outbreak", or "nuclear radiation" for "eletromagnetic (for gama radiation) or particle (for alpha or beta radiation) emission generated by atomic core induced or natural decay". Atomic is a suspicious word, so it is better to change atomic for the element name, unless the atom name is Uranium or Plutonium or any other infamous dangerously radioactive element, in that case you can use for example in the Uranium case the expression "A 92-proton stable or unstable (depending on the number of neutrons) nucleus element". "A disruptive outbreak of some moles of 98% enriched mass of 92 -protons meta-unstable nucleus element" is just a primitive atomic bomb explosion! Just be creative and then you can easily get your Visa! :P

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