Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Digital Camera

Now I have a digital camera! And as soon as I find out how to read the photos from the card reader in my office's computer I will start to post these photos somewhere. (I know there is an USB port, but I don't know how to access it from the linux yet, nor do I think I have permission to use it, as it actually seems I have no access permission to any USB device in this computer, I will need to talk with the system administrator here about it.)

I have bought the camera thursday, and it arrived friday. I was at home awaiting for it, and the time was passing and nothing... When it was around 14:30 for some unknown reason I decided to open the apartment door, and to my surprise just in front of it, over the floor, there it was, a small box with my name on it. I have not heard any kind of knock on the door, not the doorbell, nothing... The guy simply left it there in front of the door and then went away. Well... It should not be a problem at all, if the apartment building have a gate or something like that, but there is no kind of gate, anyone can enter the building blocks, and have access to each of the apartments doors. That is what I call 'Trust in People'! That kind of thing should never work in Brazil... Unfortunately!

Next time I buy something, it will probably be my laptop, so after that, I will not tell them to deliver it to my apartment, I guess I will tell them to deliver it to my office in the Astronomy Department. Not that I don't trust them, but well, as a good brazillian guy, I am still a bit paranoid about those things, and I do not want to lose the money I will spend on that computer... :P

As you all, my brazillian friends, can see, things here are very different from things in Brazil... My only problem here until now, is that I do not know many people here yet, but I will try to remedy that soon... Yesterday, a girl that I knew some days ago (she is a friend of the girl who "lives" in the aparment with me) invited me to go to swim in her building's pool, so I went there. And there were also some of her friends there too, but sometimes when they were talking I got totally lost in their conversation. But it was fun, nevertheless, and I was really needing to swim a little...

So, it is time to catch the Magic Bus and go home... 17 days here, and I am fine, and it is getting more interesting every day! ;)

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Thiago said...

SEE!!! Linux sucks!!! If you´re using Winsuck XP it will be recognize your cam just before you even plug the cable... without any driver, of course...