Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Magic Bus

The Magic Bus is the University of Michigan bus service. The University has two campuses here, and this bus service links the two campuses and other scattered University Buildings. And fortunately its route passes near where I am living, so I am taking it every day to come to the University. They pass each 10 or 15 minutes depending on the hour, and I do not need to say that it is free for everyone, not only University of Michigan Students. The bus service starts at 5 or 6AM, I am not sure, and ends at 1AM, and if during this time you look in this webpage, you will see a map, and some bus-icons moving through this map (yes, they are really moving), and that is exactly where each one of them is passing right now. (There is a 10 or so seconds of lag, but I don't mind, it is just cool enough for me!!) You can always know where is your bus, and when you have to leave to get them on time!

In the AATA buses (the regular town bus service), there is something alike, but not on the map. There is a notice in a webpage, telling exactly where the bus is, and how much late it is. If the bus arrives in a reference bus stop before it should be, it just stands there until the time is right for it to leave. If it is late, it just stops for a minimum amount of time, and then go. If you know the bus schedule, you practically do not need to wait, you just arrive on the bus stop at the time, and it will be there at the time, with a small error or 1 minute or so.

I am just liking this place!! Everything works!! :P

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Thiago said...

Primeiro mundo é outra coisa... ¬¬

Deixa eu correr atrás do "branquinho" ali... e falar Bom dia pro motorista com cara de merda...q vai resmungar alguma coisa... bah