Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some random stuff and the iPhone...

Yesterday I realized that my office number is a prime number. I did not know how I have not factorized that number until yesterday, but then I did it, and it is a prime number! Just perfect. The number is 929.

Wednesday I have met my advisor, and she told me that would be a good idea if I went to a conference called Gordon Conference: Origins of the Solar System. This conference begins next sunday, July 8th, and then now I had less than a week to prepare a poster for this conference. So here I am... Working in a saturday afternoon. And next week I will be going to a city called South Hadley in Massachussets. People here are going there by car, and as I was told it is a 10h to 12h driving. I will take a hike with someone... That will be fine. I can take some pictures of the countryside.

Yesterday, it was June 29th, and it was the release day of the iPhone. I have never seen so much hype because of a cell phone in my life!! Everyone was talking about it, almost everyone wants one, and people were in lines all over the US waiting for the stores to open to buy one. It is price is $600, and the cheapest plan you need to use it is $60 per month. The iPhone is not exactly a cell phone, it is much more than that, and this is the reason everyone wants one. You can access the Internet through it, either using your cell phone provider network, in this case the AT&T, or you can access the Internet wherever there is a wireless network (almost everywhere here in the US). It also has a 4GB or 8GB memory, where you can save songs, and videos, and other multimedia files, as an iPod do. And it is also a phone. With this $60 per month, you have unlimited Internet access, unlimited calls to other mobiles anywhere inside the US continental territory, 200 SMS messages, and I don't know what more. And $60 for it all here is EXPENSIVE!! It is not like in Brazil, where with a R$60,00 plan, I just have some extra free minutes to call another phone.

There are some problems with the iPhone though, first of all it is a new kind of concept, and as such there will be lots of problems with this first generation, and those problems will be eventually corrected in the next generations. There is also the problem that if you wnat one, you have to sign with AT&T, the only cell phone carrier authorized to use the iPhone, and that is the reason the service prices are so expensive for the US market. But these are not enough for most of the people here, they want an iPhone, and they will get one, no matter the price! It was almost the same last year, when the PS3, the Nintendo Wii were launched. Everyone wanted one, and there where lines everywhere. But I am going to tell you, this little thing will revolutionize communications and mobile devices everywhere in the world. It is also very beautiful, and all it is functions are accessed through a touch screen display. There are only two or three true buttons in the device, all the rest you do in the touch screen. Awesome! But I would wait for a next generation until have one, and until the prices dropped a little more too... But as I am not gonna stay in the US for so long, I guess I will not have an iPhone for sometime either.

If you want an iPhone in Brazil, you will have to wait sometime yet, as Apple does not have any intention to release it for the Latin America so soon. And I bet, that if you want to use it, you would have to pay around R$200,00 per month, only to use the basic functions on it, with limited Internet time. Just ridiculous!! I really love Brazil, but when I compare some things here in the US and in Brazil, there is simply no way for me to not get annoyed with some things in my country. Unfortunately!! Bah!

My computer was not delivered yet, but I guess I will have it monday. That is it for now...

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