Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Washington D.C. - Friday

The trip to Washington D.C. was fantastic. I have left Ann Arbor at Friday morning, and the trip was uneventful until DC. Only a small 20min delay suffered by the bus that took me from Dulles Int'l Airport to Rosslyn Metro Station, where I met my friend. She had to wait me a little bit before we finally met. After that we found a place where we lunched. It was a kind of self-service chinese restaurant. Excellent food by the way... It was near the Rosslyn Metro Station, but I forgot the name.

In that restaurant, when we arrived, there were two military guys. One of them fully clothed in military outfit, but the other one, was civil outfits, like he was dressed as a kind of politician, or high ranking person. We were in the table just behind them, and while my friend went to take her food, I started listening to their conversation. Of course, I could not understand everything being said, and they were talking like friends, but what catch my attention was that they were speaking about military technology, nano-technology applied to military technology and things like that. I could not figure out exactly what they were talking about, but I guess it was some kind of secret military technology. Cool... I was so inconspicuous I could be a spy. I guess they don't even noticed that I was trying to pay attention. If my listening was better I could have all that information. (I guess it is time to get worried about being followed by undercover agents. :P)

After lunch we took the train from Rosslyn station to Fairfax, where my friend lives. I was carrying my camping backpack, totally full, and my notebook backpack, so I had to left my luggage somewhere before going out to start the tour through the area. After reaching Fairfax, we went to her house, where she lives with other two house mates, and I left my luggage there. It was already getting dark (around 17h), so we just decided to take a walk around her house in Fairfax, while we talked about random things. We bought some stuff to eat, and then we went back home. We just stayed at home after that. I met her other house mates, we ate something, and stayed there just talking and doing nothing, planning the other day. One of her friends, was watching a very old TV show, "Saved by the Bell" or something like that. It was a comedy show about some teenagers around their 16 years old, at the start of the 90's. It was fun to watch it, and remember when I watched it ages ago, but I never watched it that much anyway, and I know why, it is not good... I had some fun watching it, just for the sake of the old days.

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Thiago said...

Cadê as fotos???

E espião??? hahahaha... vc podia ser preso...

Sorte que estava com uma menina, imagina se fosse um cara tipo o Daniel, um quase-arabe... uma hora dessas estaria era sendo torturado... :P