Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Intro to Dots and Lines

The dots are flying everywhere. Are they only dots? I do not know, but I can see them flying. There are also lines covering everything, but I do not see them anymore. Maybe the lines were just illusions, or maybe they were real, or maybe just my mind playing with me.

I am tired, and I am not being able to think anything more to write. I will write about the lines and the dots another time, and maybe next time I will also write about planes or hyperplanes. Who knows what tricks my mind may be playing with me next time!?

Have you ever seen beyond the veils? Many veils, and many chains... I never knew any free person in my life. Everyone I know is entagled in a web of chains, every kind of chains. And most people can not see that. Most people prefer to be blind.

I am blind, and I am chained. But I have seen once, and I want to see again. What have I seen? Void. I want freedom.

Oblivion leads to the Void!

Prime! :)
60 = 2*2*3*5
Prime! :)

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