Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Six days left...

It is been 24h since I closed my MSN for the last time. One day without it and I still live... At least I can write in this blog. I'm feeling I bit guilty though. I have to read my e-mails, and I have a Gmail account. The Gmail has that Gtalk feature, and sometimes while I am accessing my inbox, people also accessing it at the time start to chat with me. Unfortunately I can not live without e-mails, not in the next days as I am waiting for some important news. I am waiting for the TOEFL results, and also to the answer to my application to a "sandwich" fellowship. These answers were expected to have come last week, and did not come.

I will try to access my Gmail lesser than usual to compensate, but I can not simply stop to use it. Not these days... But I still will not use the MSN for the next six days. :P

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