Monday, July 16, 2007

Mental storm

Doomguard Tendencies: Sinker (normal)
Self-Control Level: Normal
Chaos Level: High
Energy Level: Normal
Danger Factor: Unpredictable... Unknown...

Mind Status: Mental lightining storm. Medium probability of a mental disarray in the next hours. (Orange alert)
Body Status: Normal
Spirit Status: Somewhat chilling...

Current Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Possible psionic discharge in the consciousness-paradigm matrix in the next few hours. Higher probability of a low amplitude discharge, but the high chaos level can create from a high amplitude discharge to no discharge at all. No chance, however, of a Nova-, nor a Supernova-like discharge. Some psy-trance can be used to raise or lower the power of the current mental storm, but with unpredictable effects...

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