Monday, July 23, 2007

Vista & Internet at home

I have decided to use Windows Vista in my computer. It is really not as bad as people say. It is heavier than Windows XP, of course, but the reason is that there are many new features, and it is also much more attractive than the old Windows XP. People usually complain about compatibility issues, and until now I have not observed any kind of compatibility issue here. But it is not an OS than can be used in any kind of computer, it is really a resource eater. At this moment, Vista is using more than 1GB of my memory, luckly I have 2GB, but I also have some programs running in the background. If I tweak it a little and stop some unuseful things to run in the background, I am sure I can free some good amount of resource. There is also something called Windows Superfetch that studies how you use the computer, and based on it pre-load the most used programs in the RAM at the startup, so this thing eats some memory, but it is also very useful, as it make your prefered programs open and run faster, as it also give priority to these programs over background processes. And I can always turn off the Aero, and have Vista running without any of the 3D-effects that it usually have, and then free some memory too, but I am not doing that. It is beautiful to look at all those effects, and after long time using Windows XP, I got kind of tired of the XP look. I am using it for not so long a time, and I still have much to learn about it, but until now I am liking it. I do not recommend its use if you have less than 1GB of RAM, but it is perfect if you have 2GB as I do. If you have more than 2GB of RAM, I recommend you using Vista-64, as Vista-32 has some issues when using more than 2GB of RAM, and it is a little tricky to make it recognize properly more than the 2 first gigabytes of RAM, due to a 32-bit OS capacity to address at most 4GB of memory, and also having to address the VGA card memory, and virtual memory.

Eventually I am going to install the Linux in another partition, but I am going to wait some time, as I was having some problems with compatibility issues with some of my new computer components, that are not yet recognized by it, during my first installation try. And as I do not have a reliable Internet connection at home, it is hard to look for solutions in forums for those problems, and then correct them.

Regarding Internet at home, I will not have anything like that at home for some time yet. I will have to try to "steal" the poor wireless signals I have at home, at the most uncomfortable places, at the lowest speed, that makes me more annoyed than relieved. My roommate who is in San Francisco, and blocked the cable TV/Internet, before she left, could not unlock it before the programmed unlock-time, that is in September. I really do not think she tried hard to unlock it, but as she is far away, and I will be moving from her apartment at the end of next month, I will not complain about it with her. And one more month without Internet at home won't kill me. After all, I can burn some time of work in the University doing things I should be doing at home, as she may be thinking (What a brazillian guy would do on the Internet? Do they have Internet there?? I don't think he has lots of thing to do on the Internet after all. I won't lose my time trying harder to solve this for him. I don't even think he knows how to use properly a computer.). No more comments about this issue!

Next time I will write about my personal view of the american society. And I will write it in portuguese! (If you know what that means!)

And I don't have the Harry Potter book yet, so no comments about it either!! :P

Update: Just after the startup, Vista is usually using around 600MB of my memory. And this post is a prime one! Next is 101.

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Sharon said...


eu nunca preocupei muito com o espaço do OS acho que isso é coisa de gente super viciada em informática (não é meu caso rs). Ainda não testei o Vista...estou acostumada demais com o XP e com um pouco de preguiça de mudar por enquanto...

Sobre o meu post, é...realmente aconteceu e, como eu disse, foi lamentável..