Friday, July 6, 2007

Post 91. Not a prime! The next is 97.

  • Now that I have a computer I am watching Heroes again. I begin to watch it from the start again, and I have noticed a little improvement in my english understanding.
  • I still did not watch the last episode of Lost.
  • I still could not "steal" a wireless signal at home, and I don't know why. I guess I have to wait sometime before having Internet at home. Bah...
  • I finished all my books. I need more books!!
  • Sunday I am going to a Conference in South Hadley, MA, called Gordon Conference: Origins of the Solar System. And I am gonna spend a week there. People are going by car, and it will be a 10h to 12h trip. Lots of pictures to be taken.
  • I may be going to watch Transformers today. I have yet to decide it.
  • Next year Fallout 3 will be released!! I want very much to play that!!
  • I also want to play Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero: The 80's, and Rock Band!! Rock Band is something like Guitar Hero, but you can play any of the instruments, and even sing. Awesome! I miss to play Guitar Hero! Damn, I need to play it... :P
  • This month Monster Manual 5 was released. I guess they should try release something different. They should release supplements about each of the Planes. I am tired of only monsters, and classes!!
  • At this moment I am hearing the classical, and one of the best of Black Sabbath's: Heaven and Hell.
  • This is a worthless dot, and is here just for the post to have a prime numbers of dots. I don't like the 11, though, so I will continue until the next one...
  • I think I am going to buy some books today. I just don't know what, yet...
  • Just to finish, with another prime number of dots. Next friday is a Friday 13th. Whatever... (91 = 7x13).


Breno said...

Compre "Lord of the flies - William Golding" é muito bom!

GH of Xaos said...

Vou procurar esse livro na minha proxima leva de livros, Breno! Valeu pela dica!