Thursday, February 22, 2007

Guitar Hero

During Carnaval, I started to play Guitar Hero, a PS2 game. The objective is to properly play some Classical Rock, and Heavy Metal songs. You play the band's guitar player. And with all those good songs, you really feel the spirit of the game. At the same time you are playing, you also hear good music, and it makes you want to play better and get even better not to spoil the songs. An excelent game to be played during carnaval, with all that Rock'n'Roll and Heavy Metal, the only problem is that it is really an addictive game! :P


Marcelo Para' said...

Ce tem a guitarra?
Os caras aqui adoram isso e eles compraram duas guitarras, proprias pro jogo.

GH of Xaos said...

Felizmente, ou infelizmente eu não tenho! Se com o controle normal já é viciante, imagino com a guitarra!
Já jogou?

GH of Xaos said...

Zerei Guitar Hero! \m/,