Sunday, February 25, 2007

"What can change the nature of a man?"

A long time ago, I faced this question and since then I still wonder about the answer. At first the answer seems simple. You can change your own nature if you have the resolve and willpower necessary to face the ordeal. Simple, isn't it? No so simple as it seems! Why would you change your own nature? What kind of driving force is needed to make you trail the path of change? Why would you like to change your own self?

As nature I mean what defines what a man is: beliefs, actions, objectives, driving force, tastes, and whatever more is necessary to define someone.

Would you change yourself for love? Or for money? Or due to regrets about some misdeeds? Would just living be enough to change you? Pain? The world? Death? Or nothing can change the inner nature of someone? What would make you throw all your life away and then make you choose a totaly different path to follow?

There are many answers for that. And still the answers is elusive. All and none. You are what you are. Human nature is dynamic and chaotic. Things can make you wonder, and then make you decide to change, or not to in that moment. In the end people change for some reason or another, and that happens all the time. Life is chaos!

There is a subtle point here. What can change the nature of a man? It means... What can make you transcend your "human nature"? Is there something beyond "human nature"? Well...

The answer still eludes me... ;)

Obs: I have seen this question around 6 years ago, playing a computer game called "Planescape: Torment". At the time I have answered one of the options that were given after the question, and any of the answers were a valid one. But since then I still wonder about that question... And it becomes more complex each time I think about it.

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