Friday, February 9, 2007

The Heavy Metal Girl

There was a beautiful young lady on the bus today. She must be around 18 years old, and was somekind of heavy metal girl, maybe a gothic, but I think she was more on Heavy Metal. There was something more besides her subtle beauty. She was standing near the bus ratchet, and after a while I glimpsed something on her arms. There were a lot of cuts and scars all over it. And I knew the moment I saw it, that she was the one that has done them. She seemed proud of her scars and her cuts. She was keeping her arms stretched, and everyone could see them now.

Not everyone could understand that, and I am sure of it. Maybe other people just stared at that, and though the girl was crazy or something, or that something hurted her. But I could understand it. It is a way to reflect in your body the pain that you feel inside. To make everyone see your pain, and then show that you can endure it. Maybe it would make her feel stronger. After a while the cuts turn in a cool scar, and it is like a battle scar. Something to be proud of. Isn't life the greatest of battles? Shouldn't we collect countless scars during this great battle?

That is how I understand it, and I even have done something like that some years ago. I don't do it anymore. Why? There is no why, I guess. The point is that I don't need to make my body suffer when my soul is in pain, not anymore. My battle scars are on my soul, and they were reflected in the things that I have learned with each of these painful lessons that I was taught. My scars are what I am. My body is just a vessel for my mind and my soul. It is important to have it working properly, without glitches, but I am more than just a body.

She is a young lady, one day she will realize what I just said. Maybe she will realize something deeper that I have not yet realized. Or something totally different. Who knows? Unfortunately she was far away from me on the bus, and I couldn't talk to her, but she seemed cool enough.

That happened in the morning. By the way, some scars are just cool! \m/,


Ana Carolina said...

You should increase your font size, otherwise I'll have to go get my glasses everytime I stop by to read your tidbits :))

Nice blog, eh?!

Ana Carolina said...

Question: are you at UFMG?

GH of Xaos said...

Hi! You can let your comments in portuguese! If you prefer of course. :)
I will follow your suggestion, and increase the font size. :)
And yes, I study at the UFMG, and I'm at UFMG in this moment! :)
Thanks for the comments and suggestions! =D

Ana Carolina said...

Cool, what do you do at UFMG?

GH of Xaos said...

I am doing my PhD right now! I am a astrophysics student. :)
Are you also at the UFMG? :)

Ana Carolina said...

I'm starting my Master's this year. I'm a linguist, pursuing a degree in applied linguistics/foreign language acquisition.

Ana Carolina said...

Astrophysics, huh? Can I call you nerd? LOL

Just joking

GH of Xaos said...

Wow! Linguistics must be a very interesting subject. I would love to learn more about it.
And yes, you can call me nerd, I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it! :P

Do you have MSN? I guess it would be better to talk there! ;)

GH of Xaos said...

I have deleted your last comment to keep your privacy! But I have added you to my MSN! ;)

khris said...