Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rocky Balboa

Today I went to the cinema and watched Rocky Balboa. A very good movie in my humble opinion. It is worth to see it. By the way, it is much more than just a boxe movie.

Unfortunately, there were some people there who did not know how to behave while inside a cinema. In the front row, there was a guy and I guess his teenage son, and they were continuously talking during the movie. I almost kick his son's head out. This "boy" was exactly in front of me. And in the row behing, there were a couple who also did not stop to talk one minute. The GIRL laughed at every word that were spoken in the movie. And the GUY did not stop to comment, and he even started to talk about something that has nothing to do with the movie. I guess the GUY just want to grab the GIRL and kiss her, but was incompetent enough to do that before the movie, and wanted to impress her during the session. DAMN IT!!

The cinema was almost empty, but these four people were worth for a bunch of teens! I have written GUY and GIRL in caps, because both were a "little bit" extra-large people... I have nothing against extra-large people, but they have made me really annoyed. Bah!

A very good movie.

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