Saturday, January 19, 2008

...of Eyelids, Classes, Blogs and House Invaders...

It is been a little while since I wrote here. I have been working a lot in these last two weeks, and when I got home my mind is so tired that I can barely think about something to write. And I realize today that I am really stressed. My eyelids are twitching non-stop since Tuesday, and the reason is probably related to stress. All my work is done in front of a computer, and sometimes I just focus my eyes at the screen, and I look at that intensely for hours and hours without realizing it. I also have been sleeping very little in these past days. My eyes must be really stressed.

At last, it is weekend and I guess I will rest my eyes a little bit for the next two days, or at least I will try it. Problem is: I have to work during the weekend too... Damn!!

My adviser is teaching "Stellar Astrophysics" in this term. I asked her if I could watch it, and she told me that I was welcome to go to the classes. It is weird, but after two years without having to worry about watching classes, and studying for exams, I was missing it. That was one of the main reasons that made me take this decision, the other reason is that I love this subject and I wanted to remember those things again. The only problem was that the classes were at 9:30AM, and to wake up around 7AM in this winter is an herculean effort. It is very cold, and it is still dark outside, so it is almost impossible to get out of bed. After watching her first class, last week, I was totally amazed. Her class is just PERFECT. After 10 years of Physics and Astrophysics, I am still to see someone teaching better than her. She is able to express everything with such clarity that it is almost impossible to have any lingering questions about it later. (Maybe I am exaggerating a little about it, but I am not writing it just because she is my adviser... So far her classes have been excellent.) The duration of the class is 1h30min, but after that time I am still very interested and eager to watch more and more... I don't even care anymore to wake up at 7AM two days a week to go to that class. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to watch her class until the end, as I will return to Brazil just in the middle of the winter term here. She gave us some homework to do for next week, but she told me that I don't need to make the homeworks, after all I am not officially enrolled to her class and she also told me that I already have lots of work to do, but I am still thinking about solving some of the problems in the homework just for keep the mind sharp about the subject, and to try to remember things that should be somewhere lost in my head. (It is too nerdy to think like that...)

I had a lot of good teachers in Brazil, and very good ones by the way, but I can remember only one or two teachers that were able to be as clear as she is, but I still think she is the best. Maybe the reason for that is that I really love "Stellar Astrophysics", and now I am just in the class to remember things, and not really to learn any new thing. Maybe that counts to the fact that everything seems so clear to me... But none of the other students have any complain so far, actually they are really loving her class too.

I have already written here about my work blog, called "Stellar Xaos". I was really excited with that when I created it, but I have barely written anything there. There are two problems with that. The first is that I don't want to simply write about the things that I have done in one day, if I had made any progress in that day or not. I want to write when I really have something good to write, when I make some kind of breakthrough in my work, and things like that, and eventually write about the theory behind the work I am doing right now. So far, I am not having the time to write about any theory, and nothing excited happened. The work is progressing, but nothing worth to mention, yet... That is one of the reason I have not written anything new there for almost two weeks. The other thing is that the blog is hosted by Wordpress, and to be sincere, I don't like the limitations of that site. If I want to edit my template, for example, I have to pay a small fee, and that is not cool. They have a lot of interesting templates, but I would love to customize it. There are also other limitations regarding what features you can add to your blog.
So, it is very probable that I will change hosts, and as soon as I have something more excited to report, I will create another blog hosted by blogger.

In this very moment there are a lot of unknown people in my house, friends of my roommates. But I am very tired and lacking the patience for social rituals in this moment, so I am going to remain enclosed in my room. I just want peace and rest for my eyes right now...

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