Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So 2008 started...

First post of the year! I was thinking about writing about the New Year's Party, yesterday, but I decided that I am going to write about it later, but I will publish it only one year from now. Well... if I remember about it by that time. But I can tell you that the party was okay, far from the best, but it was not the worst, either. It was very different, though. And by the end of the night I was sure about one thing... I shall never be dependent on the goodwill of others again! That was also something I learned last year. That does not mean I will not trust anyone anymore, it just means that I will never expect any favor or any kindness from anyone, anymore... It does not mean I did not meet nice people here, far from that, but I have met a few people who disappointed me. I will write about it sometime in the future... It simply is not time for that yet...

Changing subject totally, today, in the first day of this still new year, Xaos received its 100th habitant, and it turned into a hamlet. It is still a very small place, but it is getting larger. So far, Xaos has 100 habitants, and 17 industries, no unemployment, no pollution, no crimes, and everybody has access to transportation. As the Mayor of Xaos, I am very proud of the city development, and I welcome everyone who wants to come to Xaos, to live or to set up some industries. With this rising number of habitants, I am also looking for people interested in help to develop the transport networks of our beloved Xaos, if you are such person, feel free to come to Xaos, and talk to me about it.

When I woke up today, I turned on the TV, and there was a show about the future first human mission to Mars. We still have to overcome so many problems, some of them very difficult ones, but I am sure I am going to see that happen. There are a lot of people in the world that are totally against such crazy and extremely expensive projects, and think that this colossal project is a tremendous waste of resources, while there are so many problems to be solved on Earth, like famine, poverty, environmental problems, etc... I really do not think that as a waste of resources, actually, I see that as one of the biggest hopes for humankind... I am not thinking about the end of life on Earth due to our lack of success in reverse all the environmental damage already done to our planet... I am, actually, thinking about hope for humankind, thinking about untapped human potential, and technological advancements. I am sure that when that happens all humanity will stop everything to see that happening, as happened when humans first set foot on the Moon. That kind of thing is something that for a very brief moment of time makes you proud of being part of the human race. That moment will be the most exciting event of this century, when that happens... Only to think about the technological advancements necessary for that trip makes me excited.

After I have watched that show about the Mars trip, I decided to start shoveling the snow outside the house. Damn... That was tiresome! I am broken right now... Enough exercise for one week. I love when it snows, as it was snowing when the New Year started, but shovel snow is not fun! :P


MegMarques said...

Como cidadã interessada no futuro desenvolvimento (sustentável) de Xaos gostaria de propôr uma usina de reciclagem de papel, plástico e alumínio para a cidade. Como é que faz?

GH of Xaos said...

Cara cidadã Xaosiana,

Vossa pessoa demonstra ter um grande espírito empreendedor, e como tal, não será eu, prefeito de Xaos, que a impedirei de abrir sua usina de reciclagem de papel, plástico e alumínio. Infelizmente, nossas verbas ainda não são grandes o suficientes para ajudá-la em tal empreitada, mas podemos desde já, propor e então implementar a coleta de lixo seletiva dentro dos limites da cidade. Como estará fazendo um bem para todos habitantes e para a cidade em si, eu a pouparei de parte dos impostos, caso sua própria empresa fique por conta de coletar o lixo dos habitantes.

Se gostou da proposta, fique à vontade em abrir sua usina. Caso queira discutir mais sobre o assunto, eu estou a sua disposição.

Prefeito GH of Xaos