Friday, January 4, 2008

Vegetarians - The Finished Previously Unfinished Post

Do you remember the "Senseless Post About an Unfinished Post"? I decided to finish the unfinished post, at last... Actually, I decided to rewrite it. So, here it comes...

For some time now, I have noticed that the number of vegetarian people is rising. I don't know why that is happening. Some years ago, I knew no vegetarian people. But today, every once in a while I meet someone who does not eat meat. This fact is quite disturbing in my opinion. One of the greatest characteristics that defines a human being is the fact the we are on the very top of the food chain (actually we share the top with other species, but that is no demerit when we realize that the other species are the greatest hunters in nature, and we have the intellect to even supersede them in their game). Most of these people do not eat meat due to some environmental concern, or spiritual ones, or due to the fact that animals must be harmed if we want to eat them. Very few, just do not like to eat meat, or do not feel good after eating flesh and blood.

Nature is the greatest example to be followed in the Universe. Nature is the very embodiment of Wisdom in all the Multiverse, and is something that must be respected above all else. And for the environment to work properly, some species must simply use others as a source of nourishment, and I am sure these species higher in the food chain do not feel any remorse after being satiated by the flesh and blood of the weaker ones. That is simply Nature, and that is the way Nature uses to control the Entropy levels of the whole ecosystem. Unfortunately for some species, the meaning of their existence is simply to serve as food for others, and I am not the one who have the right to change that.

People usually think that due to the fact that humans have a much more developed brain than other beings, imply that we must respect all other animals as equals, and not treat them as simply food. They think that with our current technology we can very well create some other sources of nourishment that could substitute and then free some animals of their ultimate demise of being sliced and crushed by our teeth. What would be of cattle if we simply stop eating them. Probably they all will die, because they do not know how to live in the wilderness, all by themselves anymore, and if they do not have any purpose to us, I am sure we will not take care of them as a simply act of kindness to compensate them for the unfortunate fate of their ancestors. Actually, we have a kind of symbiotic relation with all these animals that serve as a source of food for us. We feed them, we let them reproduce, we take care of them and their offspring, we kept them alive until they reach the stage when it is time for them to help with our survival (unfortunately for them, their main fate is as a source of nutrients for our body). It does not matter how they are treated by their cattle raisers, that is the only way they know how to live, and they would not be able to survive in any other way (something similar to what happened in "Brave New World"). They can survive alone for a while without anyone to take care of them, but that would not last too long. They would be easy prey for some other predators. And they would need a very long time to re-adapt themselves in the wilderness again. To let them loose, is the same as to bring species to extinction. Nature would need some time (maybe many thousands of years or more) to re-adapt itself after being provided with another set of conditions to being obeyed. So, now we have to keep using them as nourishment if we want to keep the balance in the ecosystem.

We also eat meat since the dawn of our species, and that is the main reason that differentiate us from other animals. Our species never had any special physical characteristic that would highlight us in the middle of the predatory class. To compensate our lack of strength, somewhere in the forgotten past, as a mean to obtain meat, the primitive humans (if they can really be called humans by that time) started to develop other skills to hunt their prey, like tactics, better hunting strategies, and finally started to use tools to help in the task... All our civilization was constructed over our predatory instinct, and our brain is developed as it is today due to the fact that we based most of our dietary habits on meat. Our body needs meat, and so far there is not other kind of aliment that can be used to substitute animal meat and blood in our diet. Of course, today we do not need to hunt to keep our minds sharp, but during millions of years our body evolved around the basic need of eating flesh, and it would take another million of years for it to evolve into a body that would not need to use that as a primary source of energy and nutrients (unless we use some genetic way to accelerate this process, of course). So if you simply stop to eat anything that came from a animal source, I am sure, your body will be less apt to resist and survive all the ailments it certainly will suffer over the span of your lifetime. Human body is very adaptable to survive in harsh conditions, but without meat, fat, blood, it won't survive for long in any kind of critical condition.

If the human race wants to stop eating meat (something that I am totally against), it should do that in steps, and not simply halting these kinds of aliments from entering their bodies. That would create problems to all the ecosystem as also for our own species.

So, continue to follow our rightful omnivorous way, to help human evolution, and to keep Nature's balance! And be proud of your place in the top of the Food Chain! Yeah...

Just to finish, as Troy McLure said: "If a cow had the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about." (Think about it! :P)

Obs: If you are part of the few who can't eat meat simply because your body is unable to digest it properly anymore, and when you do, it disrupts all your internal processes, well...I am sorry for you. You are part of the human evolutionary branch that will turn into a different and weaker specie that will be used as slaves for our stronger breed at some point in the future. Be careful, weakling, or your offspring will be easy prey for ours! Or that, or you can force your body to re-adapt itself again, eating flesh, and feeling the pleasures that only fresh blood can provide you. ]-]

P.S.: For some strange reason I would love to have larger and stronger canines! I don't know why! :P

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