Thursday, December 13, 2007

Senseless post about an unfinished post

I am so tired today, that the senseless post I was writing here started to become more serious than I wanted it to be, so I just decided to stop. But I was feeling that something must be written here so I decided to write a post about an unfinished post. Maybe the unfinished post will be finished in the future, or maybe not, but I will only tell about it, when I finish it...

For now, I will write people a secret!

Take heed and bear witness to the truths that lie herein, for they are the last legacy of the Horadrim. (Ok. The Secret Order of the Horadrim Magi has been extinct for centuries, Deckard Caim was the last one of them, and I guess he might be dead for a very long time right now, or maybe he still roams the land as a very ancient guy, or even as an undead. But anyway... ) And so it came to pass that the one who HATES cheese passionately is green, but he does not make photosynthesis.

And beware!! Gold fishes can kill you while you sleep! The Dreamscape is a dangerous place.

By the end, I have written TWO great secrets... No more secrets for a while, and now it ends with Moonchild, the beginning of the Seventh! The Bornless One, and maybe the best. Who? The Ancient of Days or the First Fallen!? Everything seems scrambled, but sometimes clarity is hidden beneath your bed.

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Marcelo Para' said...

The Dreamscape indeed is a dangerous place...