Friday, December 28, 2007

Doom 3

I have been playing Doom 3 for sometime already. I have not finished the game yet, but I am almost there. It is an old game, released in 2004, and it is basically a remake of the classic Doom from 1993, with improved graphics (and what a improvement) and a more detailed storyline.

The game is just a First-Person Shooter, with somewhat of a background story behind it, and the graphics are really impressive. The year is 2145. You are a marine that works for the UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) and is transfered to the UAC Martian Base Complex. You arrive in the place totally clueless, and you just know that the UAC has a huge research complex in Mars, and you are going to replace some other marine in that place. Together, in the same spaceship, came two high-profile guys for some unknown reasons.

When you start to walk around the base, just in the beginning, you have the feeling that everything in that place is almost real. People talking to each other, seemingly real news on the TV, people working around the base. You have to register yourself in the base, get your equipment (a pistol, some ammunition, a lantern, a body armor and your personal data assistant - PDA), and look for your commander to present yourself to him and receive your first assignment. You have to look for a missing scientist that seems to be somewhere in the old communications building. The marine (you) went after him, walking through the base and eventually meeting other people around the base and talking to them (some lame talking). After you took this long walk around the base, you find the hidden scientist. He was trying to send a message out to the UAC Board on Earth telling about some hideous experiments taking place in the Martian soil.

When the scientist was almost done uploading the message, the computers started to act weird, power surges happening all over the place, strange noises coming out of nowhere. Something hit the scientist and he turned into a mindless zombie. You start to hear marines screaming through the comlink, a lot of shooting, people dying everywhere. The zombie-scientist in this moment decided that he is hungry and want to eat your brains at that very moment, and attacked you. You shot him dead, and then the fun starts...

Your sergeant in command is alive somewhere, and he gave you an order to go back to the barracks. You start to backtrack your way until the barracks, just to find that there seems to be no survivals after all. All that survived are now mindless zombies, and they are after everything that moves and is still alive, and that means you. Weird... Eventually you discover that the base was overrun by demons, and that they are hiding everywhere, and they want you dead...

The base scenario of the game is: your character walking alone in the base, the lights are not working properly, and when it is dark, it is REALLY dark, sometimes out of nowhere you hear noises, other times you see bodies being dragged away by some hidden creature, or being thrown around by an unknown force. And when you least expect, from the darkness some creatures jump at you... Most of the time you can hear the creatures, but other times, they just appear out of nowhere to attack you. The worst is when you are walking and then suddenly you hear cries, wails, and even babies crying, and nothing is around you... The game atmosphere is perfectly creepy, it really makes you tense and scared sometimes. If you are playing alone in your house, in the dark, I can assure you, you will be afraid, and you might even start to hear weird noises in the house... But it is fun to shoot at zombies and demons!! :P

To help develop the storyline, you find around bodies other people's PDAs, and you can hear some saved logs, and their e-mails. That helps to give you the feeling that the bodies you see scattered around are from "real" people, and not just a body. And you can read or listen to their views about the things that were happening around the base in the past few months. That is very interesting....

The game is basically that, but now I am gonna start to talk about some inconsistencies I found while playing the game. Ok, I know I should not look for these kind of things in a game like Doom, but anyway, the game designers should had thought better about some details in the game.

First, you have a lantern, but every time you use it, you have to lower your guard. You can not hold the lantern at the same time your are holding your weapon. It is 2145, and every gun should have a place to fix some light source in its body. Maybe, in the Doom Universe, the concept of a light sources fixed in weapons is far too advanced for the weapon designers compared with spaceships, terraforming, planetary colonies, plasma guns, interplanetary travel, teleportation devices, gravity generators and all those other basic and primitive technological concepts. It is a totally different Universe where there are gates to Hell hidden inside ancient ruins on Mars. Who knows!? But anyway, it would mess a little bit with the dark atmosphere, but I don't think that it would destroy the frightening scenario. It is just lame to have to change lantern and weapons almost all the time.

The game takes place on Mars, so I guess it would be very fun if we could feel how is to be in Mars, in an ambient with a lower gravity than Earth, where you can jump much higher with less effort. That won't spoil nothing in the game play. Oh... well... The marine seems to be carrying at least 300 kg of equipment whenever he goes, huge guns, countless amounts of ammunition for every kind of guns he has, a body armor, dozens of grenades and rockets... Wow... Yeah... Thats is the reason why he can't jump as high as I would think he would do on Mars, he is heavy burdened pack mule!

I still have not understood yet why my character is the only one who was not turned into a mindless marine zombie. Every other marine was turned into a zombie, but mine... Is the Force stronger with this marine? Or has he demon blood running through his veins? Well... Whatever...

Why, in blazes, do people leave pieces of armor, medkits and ammunition hidden in dark corners all over the base?? And why those stupid demons don't destroy all the medkits they found?? I guess they never thought a lone marine would be their Doom!! ]-]

Another problem is that the game is totally linear, you have only one path though the game and that is it. You just have to shoot and kill demons, go always ahead, and then you finish it... It is a long game, there is only the straightforward way to beat it, I probably won't play it again, but it is VERY funny... Sometimes I miss these mindless-shoot-at-all-you-can-see type of game. If you want some fun without thinking to much, you don't have any heart problems and do not start to cry whenever something scares you, Doom 3 is for you!! =D

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