Friday, December 7, 2007

The Settlement of Xaos

I loved so much this MyMiniCity idea, that now I created a permanent section in the right sidebar of the blog. For now the only option I have to make my city evolve is to increase its population, but as soon as I got other option I will start to link these options in the "Help to build Xaos" section. Only one click per visitor per day is considered by the site, but if you go there once everyday the city will start to grow in a steadily way.

The section is just plain HTML, so it will not update itself automatically. But I will try to update the image showing Xaos in that section at every few days, and I will try to update the population daily.

I know that I don't have a lot of visitors here, but if my few visitors click there, the city will start to grow, slowly, but grow. And I just want to see it being built with your help right now! =D

Just for you to have an idea about how many visitors I got daily here, today I got a record number of visitors, a huge amount of 14 visitors. I guess my city will grow very slooooowly... :P

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