Sunday, March 18, 2007

Almost recovered

After somedays away, and without any new posts, I am back. I'm still suffering from a small malfunction. My body is still recovering, and I am not coughing blood anymore... :P

Yesterday I finally did my TOEFL. Now I have to wait around two weeks to know the results. It was not that difficult, but was very boring. It took 4 hours of my time, and after that I was totally tired.

Then I had to make a little trip to Barbacena, a nearby city. It was the birthday party of one of my cousines, and most of my relatives live in that city. Good party, the music was not bad (most of the time), but there weren't many options of drinkings. Only beer, another kind of alcooholic drink that was made with cachaça plus coconut milk and whatever more, and soft drinks for the kids. As I do not like beer very much, I had to stick with the coconut drink. But I just drank two doses, because after that the source misteriously dried up. Bah... At least I did not get drunk. My cousine is 15 years old now, so most of her friends were around that age. As I am a little bit older, I had no patience to engage in any kind of conversation with these young boys and girls. I just stayed near my relatives, eventually talking, but most of the time hearing other conversations, and looking around, and eating, of course. If I was 10 years younger, then I guess I would have liked it.

Now I'm back to Belo Horizonte, almost fully functional again, and tomorrow I'm going back to the lab after one week away. And I'm also going back to my swimming classes. I am tired of being quarantined... :P

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