Friday, March 30, 2007

I Stand Alone - by Godsmack

I liked this thing about choosing the music of the day. To hear lots of musics everyday, and then choose the one which represents better the facts that happened in that day, or in the near past days. Today's music is:

I Stand Alone - by Godsmack.

It was a kind of new metal song. I am not a fan of new metal, and do not like most of it, but this music is very good, and it represents exactly how I am feeling these days. I'm not talking about exactly what the lyrics are saying. You should be a little creative and link the lyrics to something like your destiny or your fate, and the you will have a glimpse about what is passing through my mind these days. I am not used to give those sort of hints, but as I am often being very cryptic about the things I write here in this blog, this time I have choosen to be little more clear.

By the way, I prefer a lot more, the "old" Heavy Metal stuff. As I like to say, I have osmium and iridium in my bloodstream! \m/,

No lyrics this time! Ah, and by the way, do you remember The Dahaka? Well, that is the music that is played everytime The Dahaka appeared to chase the Prince, trying to catch him to then obliterate him from the timeline. That music is twice as good because of that...

And also there is something puzzling about "Stairway to Heaven" - by Led Zeppelin, but I did not catch what is it, yet... I just know that today is the third day that I randomly hear this song, and my jukebox has more than a thousand songs. There must be something still hidden...

Today was a good day, but unfortunately too slow... slow... I was feeling a infinity insatiable thirsty, and a unsurpassable sleepiness...

Obs: This post can be linked to an older post, and things can get clearer or shadier after that... Of course, I am not linking it here! ;)

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