Saturday, March 10, 2007


I am truly having some sleeping problems. As if the "ghosts" were not enough, now I have problems with light! I can't sleep efectively after the Sun rises. Vampires can't stay awake after the Sun rises, and I can't sleep, so I am just a kind of green anti-vampire creature. The problem is that my room is too bright, and when the Sun rises it lights my room to fast, and it starts to become harder and harder to remain asleep.

As you can see, things are just getting better and better. I ever thought that sleep was a waste of time, but I always loved to sleep! I am being torn asunder from The Dreaming, and I don't like that.

I guess I will change the white walls of my room by black walls, and/or change the white curtains by black curtains. Then my room with be axiomatically dark, and I would sleep after the Sun rises.

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Sharon said...

Então, nem te conto do Toninho hahah ele está em crise de novo...estou bravissima com ele no momento, fazer o que?

Sobre a etiqueta bloguística também não sei direito, mas sempre votei por responder no blog de quem comentou, acho mais fácil de ser 'lido'

Change the curtains!
Bons sonhos hihihi