Tuesday, March 6, 2007


At long last, I'm going to write about Limbo. What the hell is Limbo? Not the Hell, I can assure you, but a place as dangerous as hell. Or not.

Limbo can be a place between places. And a place between places is not so dangerous as hell, but it can be, if we are talking about a place between the material plane and any of the Heavens, or any of the infernal realms. It would be a place full of no-beings, forgotten spirits roaming aimlessly, full of disappeared junk (Yes, those things you lost in your closet and never ever see again.), and the poor mishappens and unbaptized (as the catholic church claims!), and more things that I don't know how to explain. Limbo can also be somewhere between here and there.

Limbo is also the Mon*Star's Planet in the Silverhawks cartoon.

But Limbo can also be the plane of Chaos. Where there is no order, where every thought can take form, or not. Where the are no meanings, but all the meanings and anti-meanings. No languages, only babbles. Where the time does not flow, it appears and disappears randomly. Where the entropy is variable, it can be reverted without doing any work, or can be maximized as naturally as here. There is no reference system, there is no space... Everywhere can exist at the same point, or you simply can be nowhere, and anywhere. I can't call it a place then. It is just the most pure Chaos.

There are some beings living there. When someone steps there, if you have enough will power you can reshape it as you wish. Or better yet, if you have a very chaotic mind, you can anti-foresee the anti-pattern and anti-flow with the plane.

The Githzerai are the masters of shaping. They are a race that made of The Limbo their home, and with their great will power they can reshape the Limbo as they want. They have colossal unsurpassable city-fortresses floating in islands of stillness. In these fortresses every single Githzerai thinks about maintaining the place, and their walls of "order" in the middle of Chaos. If only one of them stops to think about it, the unsurpassable fortress becomes as vulnerable as a paper wall, and Chaos just engulfs it again.

And we have the Slaadi. They are just the embodiment of Chaos, and the can move freely through the anti-place, anti-flowing with great ease through the Chaos.

The problem with that is: there is no way to describe something that there is not, and at the same time there is. Something that have no meanings and have all the meanings in the universe and also all the anti-meanings. There are things that can only be described with anti-languages, and well... There is no point in writing in anti-languages here, there is no writing form for that, only anti-writing. This world is to organized for any anti-meaningful thing that.

Scramblespeak can be good for that, but it lacks anti-deepness as anti-language...
Yati'nD it-llwian ehetr iangot^ nOe Ii*an. :)

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