Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moderate Malfunction

One more day that I have to stay quarantined at home. My body is suffering of a moderate malfunction, and the air conditioning at the astrophysics' lab would not help me with that. To compensate I spent the last two days installing and configuring the Ubuntu Linux at Demogorgon (my computer's name), next step will be to make a backup of my files at the lab, and then copy them to my computer. After that I could work at home without problems. So while I am quarantined at home I will try to do something useful regarding my work.

I am not even going to my swimming lessons. The doctor said that I should stay quiet. Bah! Belo Horizonte is TOO hot these days. The Sun is too bright, and I am currently very photophobic. I expect this over-sensitivity to light to end soon, but I really want some cloudy and/or rainy days.

I still have to study for my TOEFL exam. I have to prepare my next RPG session, to finish the book I am reading, and some other things... The Ubuntu Linux seems fine until now. I just hope I could run the programs I usually run at the lab at home now. But I am writing this under Windows.

Just a little information. Today is the PI day 03.14 (as in english date system). Today is also Albert Einstein's birthday. Is Einstein's time of birth 1:59:26 AM or PM?

Nothing more to report...


Marcelo Para' said...

Aproveita que ce ta' em casa e instalou o ubuntu e instala o Beryl, pra rodar efeitos 3D, caso ja' nao tenha feito isso.
E' legal demais! Algumas coisas sao uteis, outras sao completamente inuteis, mas legais.

GH of Xaos said...

E aí, Pará?
Já ouvi falar desse Beryl, mas ainda não instalei. Vou testar! Vc já testou?