Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stonehenge and more...

There is a Stonehenge in Belo Horizonte. It is not an ancient astronomical observatory, nor it is thousands of years old, and not even made of monolithic stones. It is just bar, but in my opinion one of the best in the city. It is an open ambient, and it is located in the backyard of a house, there is even a swimming pool in the middle. I have never seen anyone jumping on the water, but who knows. And I don't think anyone lives in that house, but I really don't know. The best thing about the place is the music they used to play there. Only the GOOD and OLD Rock'n'Roll, sometimes even some Heavy Metal. EXCELLENT!!!

There is also a small room where various local bands play. It is like a garage. The only problem is that it is a closed room, there is an air-conditioning to cool the room, and also dry the air inside, and worse... lots of people smoke inside the place. Even the music playing inside being usually good music, this small room is the worse nightmare of your lungs and respiratory system, and even with the cooling system, the heat inside is very high!

I usually just enjoy the open ambient mechanical Rock'n'Roll playing, and I prefer not to enter in the small "slow lung killing" room. But sometimes, I have to enter the place, as happened last friday. The problem was that my respiratory system is still malfunctioning, and after I entered that room, it just got worse. Damn! But I didn't regret my actions, and it was very worth my time, and maybe worth some of my health.

After that my hair, my clothes, and myself were smelling smoke, but that was predictable. Now I'm paying for my actions on that day, and my respiratory system is still recovering. But that was a good day, and that is a very good place ever, with or without that small "slow lung killing" room. I'm getting tired of this problem with my cooling system, and I am staying quiet at home and at night since that friday and until I'm fully functional again, or until next friday! :P I just expect my immune system starts to work properly again and then starts to respond quickly to this malfunction.

That is it for now... I was thinking about other things to write here, but these other things will be written another day. I had to write about Stonehenge here someday, and that is today!

I do not know why, but the chinese stopped to visit my blog. How weird! My blog exists again. This exist and not-exist-anymore thing is so chaotic, that I'm liking it. It represents exactly what this blog means, but I guess that for now on this blog existence will be a quiescent fact until I decide otherwise.

There is no I, there is only... hmmm... the Force! Yeah! The Force! And that is it for now! So be it!

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