Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Invisible War

There is a hidden war being fought at this very moment, and I am sure there is a lot of people involved in this conflict, and most of them do not even know they are fighting a war. No, this time I am not talking about The Cube, maybe not directly anyway...

What I am talking about is Cyberwar! The chinese military was successful in hacking the Pentagon computer system some months ago. And I am sure a lot of people around the world were part in this attack. Not that they know about it, but their computers must be what is called a "zombie". A computer connected over the internet with an open backdoor, and that is used and controlled by other people to hack into other systems. So, these days to be a cyber-puppet-terrorist, or a cyber-puppet-soldier, you just need a unprotected computer connected to the Internet, and its almost sure that a cyber-warlord will use your computer to cause havoc somewhere else.

Ah... By the way, China is in a kind of hacking-spree. The Pentagon was just one of the targets, cyber-attacks against Germany were also reported, and I am sure that these were not the only ones. Of course, I am also sure, that it is not only China that makes this kind of thing. I am sure there is a hidden global war being fought at this very same moment.

At least, I know(?) my computer is not being used as a "zombie", in this war, but someone surely has tried to enlist it as such... If you have a firewall at your computer, just take a look at its logs, and see who is trying to enlist it... Most of them are chinese, I assure you!

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