Friday, October 5, 2007

Of Denial, Stars, Fire and Madness

How can it be possible that while I have learned so much from one person, that same person had learned nothing from me? Denial, maybe, or just a great waste of time. At least, I have not wasted mine, learning nothing! And I really do not care anymore...

The chain is broken,
The windows are closed.

I don't like to get back a gift after it was given, but a gift makes not sense at all, when its meaning is lost. I had no choice at all...

I see a great conflagration in my future. But I don't know how far is that yet...

For now, let me live in My World, and in The Dreaming... It is hard to walk on the threshold of both Worlds, but it is the only way I know, and I really like it.

Who said Insanity is not a good thing?

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