Saturday, October 20, 2007

More tornadoes

So, last time I talked about tornadoes, I told that Ann Arbor was surrounded by a pack of three tornadoes. That was past. Last night we had a tornado warning again on the TV. I thought it was just a warning, and that no tornado had really touched the ground. I was wrong!! Totally wrong!!

It was raining last night, but nothing worth of note. No lightning storms or anything heavy. At least, nothing like that while I was awaken. When I woke up this morning the sky was blue, and the sun was shining unhindered. That warning really did not seems so serious, after all. But I was told today that a real heavy rain have struck Ann Arbor while I was asleep, and nothing less than 8(!!!) tornadoes have hit the ground, and wreak "some" havoc around Michigan area. Damn it!! And I have not seen anything yet!! I could have been awakened by the windy weather, flying in the middle of the maelstrom , at night, but no!, they just decided to left Ann Arbor alone again, as last time! (I will not complain too much about it! ) :P

The counting is going up!! Until now eleven tornadoes around the area where I am living! And just on two occasions. An average of 5.5 tornadoes per warning! And I heard no warning sirens! (Of course I could not hear them, I was wearing my headphones hearing Rammstein while the rain was falling! The only thing I could hear was some heavy industrial metal banging in my ears!! Yeah!! Osmium and Iridium flowing in my veins!)

Things are just getting better! Let's see how many more tornadoes there will be next time!

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