Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Preeliminary H-alpha line profiles

If you ever wondered about what in the Nine Hells of Baator does a theoretical astrophysicist do, wonder no more. Here is a glimpse of my preeliminary results. Two calculated H-alpha line profiles for a T Tauri star, the filled line shows the profile with only magnetospheric contribution (the original code, before my modifications ), and the trace-dotted line shows the profile with magneto-accretion plus diskwind contributions (after I modified the code). Beautiful, isn't it? A little more thinking is necessary to be sure that my code calculations are right, but at this moment I am almost sure they are.Now you are wondering about what is a T Tauri star, or what is magnetospheric accretion (a.k.a. magneto-accretion), and what is diskwind, right? And surely, you also wonder about why the difference in both plots are so important. Ok. I will explain those issues at another day. But at least, now you know about the kind of results that I am seeking, and that hopefully will grant me a PhD. degree in the near future.

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