Thursday, October 18, 2007

Regrets from the past.

The mind is really a unpredictable thing. Sometimes it makes you remember things long forgotten for no apparent reason, and it all come out of nowhere. A dream, a smell, a scene, a music, and then you are living ten years back in your past again. You think about it, about correcting those "errors" from the past, but its just a tantalizing feeling, and you really can not do anything about it anymore, time passes by and the feeling of regret and the memories do not go away, they stay around you, haunting you for some time, and then they all go to the limbo again. But there are times, when those things stay more time than usual, and they give no clue at all about going away. Why does it happen? To make you realize that something similar is already happening, and to show you the regret that you would feel ten years from now, if you commit the same old mistake!?

Maybe... Who knows?