Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Most Unexpected of the Alliances

...and so the unexpected happened. After running from my Destiny for so long, I decided at last to embrace it. I was running from the inevitable, I could not escape from it. Despair and insanity were taking me over. Then, out of nowhere, elucidation filled my mind, my thoughts were clear again, and I could perceive that my situation was not as dire as Reality wanted me to see.

I went to that once dreadful place, where It reigns eternal, silently and unchallenged, brooding over Its countless abyssal minions, devising unfathomable plans of conquest and destruction. I approached It, with no fear in my heart, and with true purpose in my mind. All my willpower was focused in only one thing...

After some deliberation, The Alliance was signed. That Alliance shall create waves of dismay that will resonate throughout the Earth. Tremble! mortals, for now I am allied with The Cube(!!!), the Destruction-Bringer!!

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